If you are an outdoor-adventuring type, you’ll know the potential dangers of “the outside.” The challenges are real, from surviving in the wilderness to activities such as mountaineering, even when all appears to be ok. But when things take a turn, being prepared for the worst can be the difference between life and death.

What’s in a kit?

An emergency survival kit is a portable kit that contains the essential items you need to survive in an emergency situation. The contents of a survival kit vary depending on the type of emergency but typically include first aid supplies, as well as tools for shelter and communication, food, and water. A more comprehensive emergency kit would include items like a lantern and batteries, a multi-tool, a map and compass, and/or additional clothing layers. If you plan on bugging out in an emergency situation, you’ll need a bug-out bag that includes all of the above plus additional supplies like shelter, sleeping gear, and cookware.

The core of these ranked kits constitutes the minimum for survival in a situation of dire straits. FEMA has outlined a list for a 3-day “basic” emergency supply kit (How to Build a Kit for Emergencies), where many of the items listed are ranked on ArmageddonKit.com. From NOAA Weather Radios and Flashlights to Emergency First Aid Kits and Batteries, we’ve got you covered.

What makes a good emergency survival kit?

Emergency Survival Kits Ranked

The emergency survival kits here all are great additions to any outdoor adventure that might not be a danger-free walk in the park. At ArmageddonKit.com, we have ranked ten of the most highly customer-rated emergency survival kits available on the internet today.

  • Everlit Survival Kit 250 Pcs

    This EVERLIT Survival Kit 250 Pcs has been uniquely customized by U.S military veterans, field-tested by an ex-army sergeant, and designed to ensure utmost preparedness in an emergency situation. It is a comforting addition to any outdoor adventure, whether camping, mountaineering, hiking, or hunting, an emergency is always a possible outcome. This EVERLIT exceeds the OSHA guidelines for three to four people.

  • Everlit Survival Kit 161 Pcs

    Coined as “the most comprehensive, advanced, quality medical survival kit on the market”, this EVERLIT Survival Kit 161 Pcs comprises essential first aid supplies and high-grade survival tools packed in a Mil-Spec (military specification) Molle System Compatible tactical pouch. The ideal addition to any camping, hunting, hiking, boating trip or have at home, in your office, and or just as a safety measure in your car.

  • Veitorld Survival Gear And Equipment 12-in-1

    This VEITORLD Survival Gear and Equipment 12-in-1 contains a pocket fire bellow, a wire saw, a water bottle clip, an emergency blanket, an emergency window breaker, a flintstone scraper fire starter, a flashlight, a multi-functional pocket card, and a 7-in-1 multi-use spoon/fork (one side is a knife blade/saw/bottle opener; the other side is a spoon/fork), all contained in a waterproof case.

  • Taimasi Emergency Survival Kit 152pcs

    Designed and curated by survival experts, the TAIMASI Emergency Survival Kit 152 pcs is a comprehensive survival system that includes:

    • 22 piece multi-purpose survival tools kit
    • 45 piece first aid kit
    • 50 piece disposable gloves and a fishing tools set
    • an emergency tent with a blanket

  • Trscind Survival Kit 14-in-1

    The TRSCIND Survival Kit 14-in-1 is one of the newest kits on the block in the family of TRSCIND Survival Kits. Like most survival kits nowadays, experts have designed and developed this kit. It is an excellent addition for any survivalist, whether while hunting, camping, fishing, or backpacking in the wilderness.

  • Eiliks Survival Gear Kit 24-in-1

    The EILIKS Survival Gear Kit 24-in-1 is a vital addition to any adventure that has its dangers. But not only that, this is an ideal kit that can sit alongside a first aid kit in your car or at home in your garage.

    This EILIKS kit contains a knife, a survival paracord bracelet, a wire saw, a water bottle clip, an emergency blanket, a flintstone fire starter, a pocket fire bellow, fire tinder, a flashlight, a whistle, a saber card, a survival pen (with glass breaker), multi-use spoon/fork, two carabiners, fishing tools, all contained in a solid plastic case. Measuring 8″ x 4″ x 2″, the EILIKS Survival Gear Kit 24-in-1 is easy to carry and easily stows in a backpack, a car, or a drawer in the kitchen. Using the included ranger band provides even more options; attach it to a belt, a rucksack strap, climbing gear, or a mountain bike.

  • Trscind Survival Kit 11-in-1

    This TRSCIND Survival Kit 11-in-1 is a multi-tool-kit that includes a tactical knife, a flashlight, an 11-in-1 multi-functional saber card, a paracord bracelet, a ferrocerium rod flint fire starter,  a bottle buckle, a locking carabiner, a water bottle holder clip, a heavy-duty tungsten pen with carbide tip, a whistle and a wire saw.

  • Monoki First Aid Survival Kit 302 Pcs

    The MONOKI First Aid Survival Kit 302 Pcs is a first aid survival kit with a multi-purpose survival set of tools and comprehensive medical supplies, all in a compact, military tactical MOLLE EMT IFAK pouch. The MOLLE system comprises attachment straps, 2 x D rings, metal snaps, and a rip-away velcro panel, allowing this pouch to be attached to any compatible gear. The bag is made of durable and water-resistant 600D nylon, and just in case water gets inside, and there are drain holes at the base of the pouch to expel any water. The dual zippers make access to the bag a simpler task, and the wide handle makes the MONOKI easy to carry. The internal organization adopts a tri-fold design that provides a large capacity, with the ability to add your own gear.

  • Aokiwo Emergency Survival Kit 200 Pcs

    The AOKIWO Emergency Survival Kit has been uniquely customized by U.S military veterans to better provide a kit that includes essential tools for an emergency. This kit contains a 28-piece emergency survival gear, a 16-piece medical supply kit, and a 10-piece fishing set, all contained in a 4-in-1 MOLLE EMT pouch. Being a MOLLE-system pouch means it’s versatile in its ability to attach to a multitude of things, including rucksacks, TAPs, and belts, to name but a few! Don’t be fooled by the “200 pcs” in the name; the kit comes with a first-aid survival kit and in this kit is a pack of 80 cotton swabs. Yes, that 80 of the 200 total pieces in this kit. Don’t let that put you off; there are still plenty of other worthwhile survival tools that make up this AOKIWO Emergency Survival Kit.

  • Kosin Survival Gear And Equipment 17-in-1

    The KOSIN Survival Gear and Equipment 17-in-1, as the name implies, is a case containing 17 tools that would be useful in an emergency. A pocket fire bellow, a three-mode flashlight, a paracord survival bracelet, a water bottle clip, a wire saw, a fire starter, multi-functional folding pliers, a lockable carabiner, a multi-functional saber card, an emergency blanket, a folding military-style knife, a tactical pen (with a glass breaker), a “dual-tube” whistle, a tourniquet, a signal mirror, and a storage bag are all contained in the hardened plastic case.