Wanting to take your shooting to another level? Want to aim better in low light conditions? Then upgrading your pistol sight might be what you need. But where do you start looking to find the best for your budget? Well, right here at ArmageddonKit.com.

There are several different types of pistol sights, including:

  1. Iron sights: These are the most basic type of pistol sight and consist of a front sight and a rear sight that are aligned with each other. Iron sights can be fixed or adjustable, and are often made of steel, aluminum, or polymer.
  2. Fiber optic sights: These sights use a small tube or rod containing a brightly colored fiber optic material that gathers and focuses light to create a bright, highly visible sight picture. Fiber optic sights are particularly useful in low-light conditions, as they enhance the shooter’s ability to see the target.
  3. Tritium sights: These sights use small vials filled with tritium gas to provide a glowing, low-light sight picture. Tritium sights are particularly useful in low-light or nighttime shooting scenarios, as they allow the shooter to easily acquire their target.
  4. Combined Tritium & Fiber Optics Pistol Sights as the name implies are sights that combine fiber optics and tritium technology to give you longer-lasting sight illumination when you need it. Head to Tritium & Fiber Optics Pistol Sights for more detailed information on this type of pistol sight.
  5. Red dot sights: These sights use a small illuminated red dot to indicate the shooter’s point of aim. They are particularly useful in quick-target acquisition scenarios, such as self-defense or competition shooting.

Overall, the type of pistol sight a shooter chooses will depend on their specific needs and preferences, as well as the context in which the firearm will be used. A high-quality set of pistol sights can make a significant difference in a shooter’s accuracy and overall performance.