Some manufacturers offer pistol sights that combine both tritium and fiber optics technology. These sights are sometimes referred to as “tritium fiber optic sights” or “TFX sights.” TFX sights use a combination of tritium gas and fiber optic cables to create a highly visible sight picture that is bright in daylight and low-light conditions.

The fiber optic cable collects ambient light and transmits it to the tritium gas, which emits a glow that is visible even in complete darkness. This combination provides the best of both worlds for shooters who want a highly visible sight picture in all lighting conditions.

TFX sights are often more expensive than traditional iron sights but are highly durable and provide excellent visibility. They are popular with law enforcement, military personnel, and competitive shooters who require a highly visible and reliable sight picture.

As with any sight, practicing with TFX sights and becoming familiar with their operation before relying on them in self-defense or other critical shooting situations is important.

Offerings for the many pistols on the market today

There are many pistols on the market today in the U.S. and manufacturers of these Tritium & Fiber Optics Pistol Sights have kept this in mind as they make their sights compatible with as many pistols as-is possible with their versatile mounting systems. Here are a few of the sights for these pistol types we have looked at on