Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights

Trijicon Night Sights Set is a popular upgrade for Glock pistols, providing enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. These sights use a combination of tritium and fiber optics to create a bright aiming point that is visible even in complete darkness.

The Trijicon Night Sights Set for Glock pistols typically includes a front sight with a tritium insert and a rear sight with two tritium inserts. The front sight may have a colored outline or dot to aid in quick sight acquisition, and the rear sight may have a serrated surface to reduce glare.

Installation of Trijicon Night Sights Set on Glock pistols typically requires some gunsmithing, as the existing factory sights must be removed and the new sights installed. However, many gun shops and firearms experts offer installation services for a reasonable fee.

Overall, Trijicon Night Sights Set is an excellent upgrade for Glock pistols, providing improved visibility and accuracy in low-light conditions, which can be especially important for self-defense situations.


Looking for a reliable and durable set of night sights that will make low-light shooting a breeze? Look no further than Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights! Whether you’re an avid gun enthusiast, law enforcement officer, or simply looking to improve your accuracy in dimly lit environments, these sights offer unparalleled visibility and precision. In this article, we’ll give you all the details on what makes Trijicon stand out from the competition and why they should be at the top of your shopping list. So buckle up and get ready to see what all the fuss is about!

What’s So Good About The Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights?

The sights are tritium-filled glass lamps providing bright, long-lasting illumination for your sights. They are one of the most popular Glock night sights on the market and are used by militaries, law enforcement, and civilian shooters worldwide. Trijicon night sights are available in various shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

How do they work?

Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights are made with a tritium-phosphor lamp that illuminates the reticle in low-light conditions. The lamp is encased in a sealed, gas-filled capsule that prevents the escape of tritium. A sapphire lens on the front of the sight creates a bright aiming point without obscuring the target.

What are the benefits of using them?

These Trijicons are the ideal choice for shooters who want the best performance and durability. With their superior light-gathering capabilities, these sights allow for faster target acquisition and improved accuracy in low-light conditions. Additionally, their rugged construction ensures that they will withstand the rigors of daily use and continue to perform reliably in even the most demanding environments.

How to install them

Assuming you have a basic understanding of firearms and gunsmithing, here are the steps for installing Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights.

  1. Make sure the firearm is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Use a sight pusher tool or a hammer and punch to remove the old sights.
  3. Clean the mounting surface on the gun to remove any debris or old adhesive.
  4. Line up the new sights with the mounting surface and press them into place.
  5. Use a sight adjustment tool to make any necessary adjustments to the windage and elevation of the sights.

What’s Being Said About The Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights?

Final Word on the Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights

Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights are an excellent way to improve your shooting accuracy in any lighting conditions. Whether you’re a professional shooter or just beginning, the superior quality of these sights will significantly increase your performance and accuracy. Not only that, but the long-lasting materials ensure that your investment will last many years. With all of these advantages, it’s no wonder why so many people trust Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights as their go-to sight choice when they hit the range.